Cardinal Hickey Academy raised over $1,900 for St. Anthony’s Catholic Church – Ladies of Charity Food Pantry

St. As Fundraiser

During Catholic Schools Week (Jan 27- Feb 2), students at the Cardinal Hickey Academy, Pre-K to 8th Grade Catholic School, held what they thought would be a small school fundraiser to help a charity of a local parish, St. Anthony’s of Padua in North Beach, MD. The Ladies of Charity service more than 600 people monthly. The students and families of Cardinal Hickey Academy donate to the pantry through food collections throughout the year, in the true tradition of James Cardinal Hickey.  Students were encouraged to purchase tickets daily at 50 cents, with a maximum of $5.00 per day; 10 tickets. There were prizes associated with the tickets such as, out of uniform, lunch with a teacher, extra tech time and hot chocolate. The task seemed small, but the outcome was overwhelming. The students managed to raise over $1,900 for St. Anthony’s Ladies of Charity Food Pantry. The money raised by the CHA students will help provide additional food storage areas, a mobile work station for food distribution and other infrastructure changes to better the pantry.