2017-2018 Hot Lunch Program

Attached you will find the Registration Flyer from Main & Market Catering, Café and Bakery, our local school lunch provider.

Please take note the online ordering program Order Lunches has changed their corporate name to Boonli.

Student Accounts, User Names and User Passwords will remain the same as last year. Credits on file from last year have carried over to this school year. Boonli has updated the look of their program, and they have made the program even more user-friendly.

The Open Ordering Period for September Lunches will be from 8/4-8/21. There will be NO Late Ordering Period for September Lunches. The new URL for the program is


First semester, the Cardinal Hickey community will have the option to order the Regular Daily Lunch Menu for $5.00 with the option to order an Extra Entree ($1.25 Extra Charge)


You can order a Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken and Ranch Dressing on the Side for $5.00. Due to the large portion size, the Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken and Ranch Dressing on the Side will only be offered in the $5.00 portion size.  The Extra Entree ($1.25 Extra Charge) will NOT be available when ordering the salad – It is only available with to the Regular Daily Lunch Menu Patrons.

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